You need more than just a video. You need a partner.

At Kreafilm, we work with you to define what sets your company apart and use truths about your audience to ensure every element of the video is purposeful, meaningful and clear. We love great-looking videos, but we also believe a video should aim for more. It should tell a story, educate, simplify the complex and humanise brands. So when you choose Kreafilm, you don’t just get good content that captures attention. You get great content that captures imagination and works in sync with your overall business strategy.

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Clients come to us when...

Competition is fierce

Different types of videos are published and promoted monthly.

Relevance isn't enough

Most videos are created on visibility goals, rather than conversion optimisation.

Performance is subpar

90% viewers abandon video after the first few seconds.

Resources are lacking

Efficiency, ideation, time and budget issues get in the way of video production.

What we do

Most video creators don’t understand the science required to produce creative video that resonates with your audience and generates results. We don’t take chances with your investment. We create insight-fueled strategy-centered videos, and make sure the world sees them.

Here's how:


We get to know your brand, your goals as a business, your audience and your industry to understand what sets you apart.


Once you approve our creative vision, we write the script, choose the style, cast members, scout for a location, if needed, and we create the storyboard for each scene.


Once we have our footage, we hightlight the look and feel of the video through color correction, audio adjustments, graphics, background music and visual effects.

Evaluation & KPIs

By monitoring your video performance, we can advise on ways to optimise your campaigns or maximise the impact through additional video productions.

Strategy & planning

Using what we learnt, we craft a tailored-to-your-needs video strategy, develop a creative concept and recommend goal-oriented video distribution and promotion plans.


We bring your project to life through professional filming, sound and lighting techniques.

Publishing & promotion

Based on our strategy and audience insight, we handle the publishing of your video and set up paid campaigns, or advise you on best ways to reach your audience acoss relevant communication channels.

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