ERCI Innovation Award Winner 2021


Live action video production and a serie of high-impact testimonials not only the showcased the innovative features of Bozankaya Tram, but also set the brand up for success at the InnoTrans exhibition, Berlin 2022.

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Video strategy, pre-production, video production, post-production, sound design


Urban transportation, technology


A pioneer with its high performance and efficiency in urban transportation, Bozankaya Trams are known for their high passenger capacity, low energy consumption, zero emissions and modern design, all of which are impressive features to capitalise on.

The company needed to raise the profile of its solutions and innovative features, which would consolidate its current reputation as an innovator on the urban transport market. This involved producing a video to showcase the brand values and the technical features that won European Railway Clusters Initiative Innovation Award in 2021, at the InnoTrans Exhibition in Berlin, the most prestigious event of its kind in the industry.


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Evergreen marketing materials

Prezentare brand

InnoTrans Exhibition, Berlin 2022


Kreafilm was appointed to collaborate with the company’s sales and marketing teams to produce a video that would showcase the company values, with a core focus on the innovative features of the Bozankaya Trams and the impact brought to the local community.

Our brief was to highlight technology excellence through a creative concept that offered insight into the technical features that elevate transit experience, and execute a video while making the best use of allocated resources. The key challenges were:

Humanising the brand: Although the focus of the video was on the technical features, we needed to ensure human elements came through to enhance feature benefits and community impact.

Time limitations: In order to meet the deadline for the 2022 InnoTrans Exhibition, the entire project, from strategy and concept development, to video production, editing and final draft needed to be delivered in two weeks - a challenge for even the most experienced video producers.

Content diversity and volume: With just two weeks to put the whole project together, we needed to produce a great range of video and photography content, focusing on both technical and human aspects of the brand.


We knew we could do more for Bozankaya Trams than simply showcase their features in a classic explainer video. Building on their reputation as an innovator on the urban transit market, we emphasised the long-term benefits of using advanced technology as means of transit through cultural and community impact. Key results were:

Improved visibility through explained features: We used live action video production to showcase features like high passenger carrying capacity, 100% low-floor design and effective design for noise and vibration reduction, as well as drone footage to highlight seamless urban integration and local versatility.

Reinforced market reputation: By speaking to city council representatives and tram passengers, we developed a series of testimonials that provided social proof of the impact advanced transit technologies had in everyday life.

Enhanced brand credibility: To further amplify community impact, we interviewed the mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz, who spoke of the benefits of using latest technology in urban transport and how it facilitates better connectivity and local unity.

Evergreen content: The production resulted in a great number of materials, ranging from passenger and city mayor interviews, to live action footage and hero photography, providing the brand with a great source of media content for future campaigns.

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