Jet Advisor

Brand activation strategy for private aviation flight support partner


Devised a video concept to support Jet Advisor’s brand activation strategy to build awareness and drive an increase in volume and quality of leads through organic means.

Video type

Brand story

Focus areas

Video strategy, pre-production, video production, post-production, sound design


Urban transportation, technology


Flight support partners for the private aviation industry are chosen on several factors, a key one being reputation. A leading integrated OCC service provider with a reputation for excellence spanning over a decade, Jet Advisor needed a video partner to launch their brand activation strategy to engage target audience across several touchpoints of the customer journey.

At its simplest, Jet Advisor needed to reach out to its existing network and to future leads with a clear identity and a strong mission statement. The goal was to position the brand as a new standard in flight support for the private aviation industry, offering highest quality solutions while optimising resources.

Launch video

Central brand activation tactic

Industry standard

Approved by Luxaviation, a global aircraft operator group

Brand awareness

Increased worldwide visibility


The project challenge was threefold. As the first step of the brand activation strategy, the video needed to stand out with a clear voice and a strong message, while emphasizing the quality, safety and consistency of their operation, which supported their long-term strategy to set new industry standards. Essentially, Jet Advisor were looking to address:

Lack of awareness: Although on the market for over a decade, Jet Advisor based their brand strategy on premium service quality, driving growth by mere word-of-mouth. As such, the company lacked a clear unifying marketing strategy across multiple channels and platforms.

Brand heart: Without a marketing strategy in place, we needed to understand the company, its processes, their clients and their pain points, to get a sense of the brand personality and tone of voice which needed to come across in the video.

Key differentiator: With company culture as their main differentiator, we needed to find an engaging compelling way to put culture in the spotlight, while informing the audience about the technical aspects of their integrated solution.



Our process included an in-depth interview to address video messaging, purpose and objectives, brand personality and tone of voice, along with brand positioning and performance. We used a brand story video approach to tell the company story through the eyes of the Managing Director, leading to:

Increased visibility: A fresh modern video was an excellent way to launch the brand activation strategy, as the format generates highest traffic and engagement rates, as well as a great way to differentiate, as few competitors use this approach.

Better retention & user experience: A 90-minute brand story, the video allowed the audience to get a glimpse of the company, its culture, its people and its processes, therefore helping build both awareness and credibility.

Brand positioning and performance: We devised a video strategy to support the brand’s short-term and long-term endeavours, which focused on raising awareness of the brand and their integrated OCC solution, and position the brand as a leading player on the market.

Cost-effective customer marketing: An engaging and compelling way to present a company, the video was used to raise transparency and build credibility within the existing network, and also a quick effective way to make an introduction with new prospects.

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Right from the start, Kreafilm knew how to listen carefully to our needs, suggest solutions whenever their expert advice was needed and then take all the information they learned and translate it into a wonderful 2 minute film about our brand. However, nothing matters (the effort, the time and the resources spent) if the result is below expectations. The feedback we received for this video from people with extensive experience, was overwhelmingly positive. This is the real recommendation, as it speaks more about Kreafilm and their work than any other statement.
Alex Miclos
Managing director Jet Advisor

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