Yamy Bistro

Creative storytelling meets strategic advertising


Stimulating the viewer’s imagination by playing with the senses of sight and sound to imply touch, taste and smell.

Video type

Product advertising

Focus areas

Video strategy, pre-production, video production, post-production, marketing plan


Restaurant, Takeaway, Dining


Yamy Bistro is a local, family-owned sandwich business, who pair with local suppliers to provide the freshest, tastiest sandwiches with a 34cross-cultural influence. 7 years and countless recipes later, the duo released a number of bestsellers, each with its own strong unique personality.

To celebrate one of the most popular choices in their menu, Kreafilm was appointed to devise creative concept and video production around The Killer. Together, we crafted a fun story, that was both tingling to the senses and exciting to watch.


Increase engagement on social media platforms


Sales increase

Brand salience

Unique creative video concept


The creative brief was straightforward - create buzz around an already popular product, celebrate the use of quality ingredients, the sizzling of the grill and the punchy flavours that make The Killer such a special treat for many. We were looking to address:

Conversions: Product sales were strong and we were looking for creative ways to capitalise on its popularity through video and paid advertising, which would ultimately deliver insights to inform additional marketing and sales activities.

Retention: In an attempt to stand out and capture viewer imagination, we needed to find a way to present The Killer in a less traditional way, but maintain essential video food advertising tactics to appeal to customer senses.

Upselling: Promoting a bestseller also meant raising brand awareness. An already satisfied customer base would be the ideal target audience for selling new different products and gain powerful community endorsements.



When it came to deciding the style and tone of the video, the most defining creative choice was deciding whether we wanted to be dark and intriguing, or light and approachable. This would immediately determine the character of the products and form a major influence on the end viewer.

In the end, we chose a combination that focused primarily on the food, and created a whole mood around brand elements like personality and tone of voice. The video style was derived from the type of engaging B-Roll content that seems to be currently popular on social media platforms. This brought the following results:

Increased order numbers: Within one month of the video release, the bistro enjoyed a significant increase in orders and sales, not just for the particular product advertised, but for their varied product offering.

Îmbunătățirea angajamentului: Videoul a generat cea mai mare rată de engagement dintre toate tipurile de conținut promovate pe canalele de social media ale clientului până în acel moment, iar sentimentul față de brand a fost extrem de pozitiv.

Raised brand awareness: A fresh modern take on the classic food advertising video reinforced the product’s own distinct personality and made it stand out, consequently delivering an increase in overall brand awareness.

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Cosmin at Kreafilm has totally changed the game in how our products appeal to our customers. He has given the sandwiches a whole new clarity, vitality and character that makes me want one now. I can almost taste them on screen!
Christian Gosa
CEO Yamy Bistro

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