Bucovina Ultra Rocks

Brand story for the biggest trail running event in Romania


Creative video for the biggest mountain running festival in Romania brought international acclaim for competition and region, and attracted new sponsors.

Video type

Brand story, testimonial, event aftermovie

Focus areas

Strategy & planning, pre-production, video volunteer coordination, video production, post-production


Sporting event


Bucovina Ultra Rocks is a trail running competition, taking place in one of the wildest regions of Romania, hosting races for runners of all levels. In just 4 years, it achieved mountain running festival status, becoming the biggest event of its kind in Romania, with over 1,000 runners from 23 countries around the world.

Under the slogan “Roots connecting us”, the 2023 edition invited the running community to rediscover their roots by exploring the nature’s pristine beauty in a 3-day running event. Kreafilm was appointed to create the aftermovie as a brand story, promoting the uniqueness of the competition, its location and its community.


Organically attracted within the first few hours of release


”There are internationally renowned competitions that do not have a race aftermovie such as this. Congratulations!” - Claudiu Beletoiu, professional athlete

+ 55,8%

New organic website sessions



Sporting events aftermovies are known for their high energy and competitor agility, but few actually capture the emotion of the participants. Staying true to brand vision and the edition’s creative concept “Roots connecting us”, we devised a video strategy that allowed us to tell the event story through the eyes of its participants. The main challenges were:

Targeting different market segments: The aftermovie serves many purposes, the main being expanding participant community, promoting Bucovina as a hidden treasure of Romania and a trail running destination, and attracting new sponsors. The video needed to address the needs of each target audience.

Standing out: The video’s main objective was high emotional impact. To successfully create a video that resonates with each audience segment equally, we referred to the edition’s creative concept, which was the rediscovery of roots, the reconnection with nature and the remembrance of what drives us both on trail and in day-to-day life.

Full creative freedom: Although in its fourth year, 2023 was the first time Bucovina Ultra Rocks had a marketing communication strategy and creative brand concept. As such, the video strategy was inspired by the brand direction, having full creative freedom in terms of video type, narrative and editing style.

Multiple overlapping events: With 6 races all taking place within a few hours from eachother on different routes and in hard-to-reach areas, capturing key moments was a challenge. Effective communication and drone and camera volunteer operators was essential.


Being familiar with the brand strategy and the objectives for raising the event’s visibility internationally, we approached the aftermovie as a brand story, creating a video that recounted the events based on key values and brand assets. The results were:

Upholding an international standard: We took our inspiration from impactful moments of internationally renowned competition videos, which we then adapted to brand. The feedback we received reflected this entirely, as the video was rated at the same level as videos from renowned competitions around the world.

Attracting new sponsors: Within hours of its release, the video organically ensured a new sponsor for the edition in the following year.

High emotional impact: All video elements, from the legend in the intro and the nature details, to the competitor stories and the frames by us running besides them, are meant to transport the audience in the competitor’s shoes and feel the pulse of the event from the runner’s perspective.

Differentiation: Staying true to “Roots connecting us”, we focused on the distinctive brand assets - the symbolism of the area, the stories of the running community and the pristine beauty of the surrounding nature. That was how we created a video that stands out from other sporting competition aftemovies.

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