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We are thrilled for our longstanding creative video collaboration with Cupio and helping support the brand’s mission by becoming the first choice for beauty professionals and enthusiasts.

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Youtube & social media advertising

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Video production, post-production




Cupio is one of the most desired beauty brands in Romania and beyond. Founded in 2012, the company set out with a mission to give every beauty professional and enthusiast the newest and best quality professional products, techniques and educational resources. At the moment, Cupio is one the main one-stop-shops for everything manicure, makeup and personal hygiene, as well as beauty education and inspiration in the field.

Its reputation for excellence is elevated by its online marketing activity which focuses on themed campaigns, community building and engagement activities and influencer marketing. In partnership with Kreafilm and through creative video, Cupio aims to consolidate its market position as a key player in the local and international beauty scene.

Vision to video

Transposing the brand vision to video

Multiple creative concepts

For several product lines from the same product category

Platform centered

Specifically made for omnichannel distribution and advertising campaigns

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The beauty industry in Romania and internationally is dominated by big names with market longevity. To compete with these brands, Cupio needs to consolidate its position on the market as a lifestyle brand, emphasizing the incredible experience of using Cupio products. Our main objectives in terms of creative video production are:

Different creative concepts: We created videos to promote different product lines from the same product categories. Through creative concept, video production and composition techniques, we had to make sure every video has its own look and feel and stands out from similar products.

Standing out: The purpose of the video was to promote Cupio products, making sure the brand’s personality shines through, while also keeping account of traditional beauty product advertising methods to make the video easy to understand and maximise sales.

Product spotlight: Using different background elements to tell the product story, we had to make sure these do not distract, but reveal the products and emphasize the Cupio brand experience.


The entire video strategy is underpinned by the simple aim of telling the Cupio story through its product portfolio and defining its purpose, vision and mission. 

With bigger brands to compete with, it is essential to leverage Cupio’s key strengths in the beauty industry, like premium quality products, commitment to the beauty community and customer loyalty through educational and promotional initiatives. Through creative video, we delivered the following results:

First choice for beauty: We stayed true to the brand’s mission in being the first choice for beauty professionals and enthusiasts. As such, we developed creative video around the experience of using Cupio products and techniques, as opposed to just the products and their features.

Multiple creative concepts: Using composition and lighting techniques, attention to detail and different product-focused editing styles, we brought the client’s vision to life and created videos that gave every product its own personality and tone of voice.

Impact-driven video: Each video was specifically created for maximum impact on Youtube and social media advertising campaigns. As such, details like brand, video message, audience and objectives come through clearly within the first few seconds.

Reels & TikTok Ads

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Every collaboration we've had with Kreafilm has been a remarkable experience in every aspect. It is a delight to work with people who put passion into what they do and deliver exceptional service promptly and reliably. They always show professionalism and commitment, always meet deadlines and deliver very high-quality video ads. One aspect very important in the beauty industry is attention to detail, and they manage to capture the essence of each campaign in a unique and captivating way. Kreafilm has become a Cupio partner, not just a service provider. 
Alina Baciu
Marketing Manager - Cupio

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