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Consolidating visibility for a high-end dental clinic


With the vision to become known as a high-end specialized dental clinic, Kreafilm created different types of video to position Dental Design as the go-to clinic for any dental need.

Video type

Brand story, educational video, website welcome video, patient testimonials

Focus areas

Video strategy, creative concept, pre-production, production, post-production


Medicine and dental care


Dental Design was founded in 2008 with the promise to transform dental visits in pleasant experiences, in which safety, care, comfort and professionalism are core values and pillars for building trust in doctor-patient relationships. By the founder Bogdan Fondrea’s commitment to his profession, Dental Design offers its patients access to the latest technology and most modern practices in the field, becoming one of the most innovative dental clinics in Timisoara.

Kreafilm initially collaborated with Dental Design on a brand story video to amplify the brand’s impact. After achieving significant results, our collaboration evolved to creating a video integrated ecosystem, through which we aim to raise the clinic’s visibility and its solutions both locally and internationally.

1 brand, 4 types of video

Integrated video marketing ecosystem

Raising awareness

Creative video for clear communication and transparency

Standing out in the dental field

Addressing patients’ most pressing questions through video



With the aim to help Dental Design disrupt the dental care market through its innovative solutions, we had to come up with a way to challenge conventional and sometimes sterile branding and marketing methods of the field. Dental Design’s image was built through its service reputation, but also through the content created by Dr. Fondrea, who spoke about the procedure, treatments and his clinic’s philosophy from a personal perspective, in which passion fuels the desire to provide cutting edge treatments. As such, we approached this project from three angles:

Personal storytelling: Knowing that most people visit the dentist with fear, we decided to create all videos from a personal angle that people can relate to, therefore building connection and relevance.

People-centered culture: We created dedicated videos for the Dental Design team to offer the audience the chance to get to know the doctors through their expertise and body language, both extremely important factors when choosing a clinic or a dentist.

Improving overall quality of life: To build a strong and lasting doctor-patient relationship, Dental Design encourages frequent check-ups for maintaining oral health. As such, we used video to talk about the services and treatment options through the incredible benefits these bring to a patient’s quality of life.


Having the freedom to test new creative boundaries, we divised a video strategy to create a modern reflection of the brand and position it as a complete and innovative solution in the dental care field. Each type of video, from brand story and education content, to service presentation, testimonials and mood video for the website header section, helped Dental Design stand out from other clinics through professionalism, specialised know-how, warmth and transparency. These are our results:

Brand story: We told the Dental Design story and its brand values through Dr Bogdan Fondrea’s personal story. By touching upon his passion for science and the importance of having a dedicated specialised team, we gave the audience a more personal glimpse of the clinic - an essential factor in attracting new patients.

Education video: Through a serie of social-media-made videos, we talked about patients’ most frequently asked questions about the most common dental care problems and diseases. We informed the audience about symptoms, implications, prevention and treatment, raising visibility of the Dental Design solutions.

Welcome video: We worked on a 30-second website video presentation meant to introduce viewers into the Dental Design world. For a more authentic representation, we emphasized professionalism through a warm laid-back mood, team members replying to any question and eliminating patient concerns and cutting-edge technology, to ensure access to the newest and complete dental care solutions.

Website welcome video

I wanted since working with the Kreafilm team to be able to take off the masks. To show what I am under the doctor's coat, what I am as a human being. I'm happy to say that the video Kreafilm made exceeded my expectations and we managed to achieve everything I wanted. Nothing was left to chance, the smallest details were handled by their team with care and responsibility. Surely this video is just the first step of a collaboration that I hope will last for many years to come. Thank you!
Bogdan Fondrea
Dentist, Founder of Dental Design

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