Bringing a personal touch through creative video to the largest property management provider in Timișoara


Through a modernised image and a communication strategy centred on human and relatable personal moments, ENERGETICO consolidated their market leadership position in property management.

Video type

Advertising, testimonials, creative storytelling

Focus areas

Communication strategy, video marketing strategy, pre-production, video production, post-production, performance marketing


Commercials & residential property management

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Founded in 2008, ENERGETICO is one of the key players in property management in Timișoara. For over 15 years, ENERGETICO has been offering integrated proactive finance management, technical consulting, accounting management and many more services. They address the needs of both business owners and regular owners, for both residential and commercial spaces, with the goal of optimising costs and saving time for the end client.

Along with having acquired more expertise and market share, ENERGETICO wanted to find a way to increase the necessity and demand of their solutions. With this in mind and to consolidate its local market position, they contacted Kreafilm.

Communication strategy

Tone of voice > Content pillars > Marketing plan

2 creative concepts

Service showcase & Creative storytelling

Advertising & Sales Funnel

3 videos adapted to online platform requirements; dedicated landing page creation for conversion optimisation



ENERGETICO had clear objectives: the client wanted to raise visibility of their solutions in a creative compelling way, to reach more property owners and owner associations in Timișoara. During our research process in the first stages of collaboration, we identified the following necessities:

Modernisation: ENERGETICO’s online presence was characterised by a formal tone and a communication style focused on service description. To help the client stand out, we used an informal tone of voice and presented their services through the benefits brought to their customers.

Information: ENERGETICO appealed to a mixed audience of entrepreneurs, property owners and owner associations, all sharing a key pain point: lack of time. The key message we needed to convey was about the boosted efficiency each audience segment can enjoy in partnership with ENERGETICO.

Umanizare: După ce am stabilit scopul mesajului, am identificat moduri creative prin care să comunicăm într-un mod convingător și de impact prin video. Având în vedere că soluțiile ENERGETICO se adaptează în funcție de nevoile fiecărui client, am ales să prezentăm serviciile prin poveștile de succes ale clienților de lungă durată.

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In support of the campaign slogan “More time for yourself”, we created 2 main videos for ENERGETICO: the first is a presentation of the property management solution by the team at ENERGETICO, supported by end client success stories; the second video offers a glimpse in the family life of the end client and shows how the partnership with ENERGETICO gives property owners more time to build moments that matter.

From the main video, we created 3 separated advertising videos, with the purpose of building awareness and driving conversion for ENERGETICO. Besides the videos, we created a sales funnel, which meant creating and launching a landing pages aimed at optimising conversion. Our work for ENERGETICO resulted in:

Clear transparent showcase of work practices: One of the main marketing problems ENERGETICO struggled with was that potential clients had no clear understanding of their solution. We used an explainer-type video, which had ENERGETICO team members talk about the services and the benefits brought to the table. The video production took place at ENERGETICO headquarters to increase transparency and show the audience moments from a normal day at work.

Client success stories: To boost credibility of ENERGETICO’s solutions, we used testimonials and brought client success stories to light. The final video was a combination among service showcase, cinematic shots of town sectors where ENERGETICO manages properties and client testimonials, where people spoke about the actual results they got during their collaboration.

Strong emotional impact: Each audience segment struggles with the same pain point: lack of time in managing property related tasks. With this insight, we made a video from the end client’s viewpoint, where we emphasized time spent with family.

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